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Collecting websites that have really impressed me, explaining what they have done to impress, and trying to work out what makes them tick.

Google Play Music Tour

What's so good?

Google Music Tour is an interactive single-page microsite to introduce Google's new music service, created in collaboration with BBH LA and B-Reel I believe. It uses audio and dynamically created vector graphics to create a pretty awesome immersive experience. There's no point me talking about it from a technical point of view because a) I haven't got a clue how it works, (aside from the fact it is using canvas and paper.js), and b) B-Reel have done a bit of write up on their site - just try not to get too annoyed when you read "And we did it in about 3 weeks." - insane.

A vector graphics effect like this is something rarely seem on HTML sites, and is impressive in itself, and the site looks great. But that's not what really impresses me the most - I just really love any experiential site like this which uses music to really immerse the user. I know there's a time and a place for music in websites, but this is definitely it. I think the best TV ads are the ones with great tracks, and similarly my personal favourite sites are the interactive music-based ones. And this one really is interactive, as soon as you get to the end of the site you just want to do it again, try clicking on a different 'worm', seeing if it makes a difference.

Awesome stuff, have probably been through a dozen times, and it really achieves it's goal of telling the story of Google Music, whilst pushing the boundaries of new web technologies, great work.