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Proof of concept ‘stacking’ responsive menu

I wanted to see how easy it would be to recreate a native app interaction – specifically the ‘browser tab’ menu from Chrome for iOS. I like the Chrome app, it has a slick interface with nice transitions and makes the most of a gesture-based OS.

There’s more to responsive web design than * { width: 100%; }

It is now pretty common for new or redesigned sites to be responsive, but there is more to it than just slapping a couple of media queries in and calling it a day, let’s be creative, people!

Creating a faux ‘View full site’ button for responsive sites

Kind of goes against the philosophy of responsive design, right? But if you’re adapting a site to become responsive, may be necessary for the sake of keeping current users happy.

Making this site

Apologies in advance if this post goes on a little long and seems a bit self-indulgent – it is for my own personal benefit more than anything else, so I have a record of exactly how I approached things and what I was trying to achieve, as no doubt I will have completely forgotten within a couple of weeks…