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AT&T gif generator

The skinny

What's the worst text a friend has sent you whilst driving? Create a custom reaction gif, and tell them to keep it in their pocket next time!

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The not-so-skinny

Project overview

Production company -UNIT9. Agency - MRY NY / Google Zoo NY. Client - AT&T. As part of the "It can wait" campaign against texting whilst driving, we created a meme generator to allow users to "call out" there friends with custom gifs displaying the worst text their friend has sent whilst driving.


I was tech lead for the project at UNIT9, leading a team of 4 developers building the site in a relatively short turnaround.

Technical deets

The frontend is comprised of Backbone, jQuery, underscore, Tweenlite, Hammer.js, written in Sass + CoffeeScript and built with gulp + browserify. The backend is PHP on AWS EC2 with S3 for static asset hosting.


  • AT&T gif generator
  • AT&T gif generator
  • AT&T gif generator
  • AT&T gif generator

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