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Freshers’ Facebook

The skinny

A welcoming Facebook page app for King's College London Freshers, class of '12. Giving King's offer-holders an insight in to life at King's and what they can look forward to in the next year.

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The not-so-skinny

Project overview

The purpose of the freshers' Facebook page is to invite undergraduate offer-holders to interact with both King's and their potential future classmates, and to explore more about what King's can offer them. The page app was designed to give a bespoke introduction, and provide more interactivity than a standard Facebook page would offer. The app was designed to be the default landing page for the freshers' group, but unfortunately, shortly after launching, Facebook enforced complusory 'timelines' for all pages, meaning that the app could no longer be designated the default 'welcome' page (thanks Facebook).


Content and layout was collectively produced by myself and colleagues in the King's Marketing Department, I was solely responsible for the design and front-end development.

Technical deets

The app is a standalone single page built on the HTML5 boilerplate. The YouTube video slider is built using the Flexslider plugin, and the heading typeface is Lobster served by Google Fonts. The app uses the JavaScript Facebook SDK to integrate with Facebook.


Student feedback on the page has been very positive - it currently has over 600 likes, and peaked with a maximum 'total reach' of over 6,000 people, but more importantly we are seeing great student engagement with both the page authors and fellow students visiting.

  • King's College London Freshers' 2012
  • King's College London Freshers' 2012
  • King's College London Freshers' 2012
  • King's College London Freshers' 2012

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